Favorite Links

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Favorite Links

Enjoy our favorite links.  They are updated often, so please, visit them often.  Have fun.

Raymond and Stephen's racing website.  Enjoy the many pages documenting their career, their accomplishments, their team, and their pictures.  The page is updated after each event, so please visit them often.

Earn money for reading commercial email. That's all there is to it.  I read on the average of 5 emails a day which are directed to me from Hits 4 Pay.  The money is not fantastic, but hey, it's money.  Referrals earn you even more commissions.  You are not obligated in any way to spend money at this.  It's quick, simple, and sometimes you might even hit on something that grabs your attention!  Sign on and be on my team.

A really large photo gallery of RST Performance Racing photos.  View the slideshow for 2006 racing photos.

A huge file of photos from our family.  View the slide show and enjoy.

A unique and fun website depicting NH's folklife and folklore.  Visit the many pages and find out all the "firsts" that NH is famous for.  Learn about our folk music, our traditional foods, crafts and more.

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